Tales of the 13th Age

New Port Region (Michigan)


This is the (unofficial) campaign website for regional play of the Tales of the 13th Age organized play campaign for Southeastern Michigan.

We are organizing a group of players to play Tales of 13th Age adventures as well as special, regional-only adventures designed by veterans of some of the d20 RPGA organized play campaigns.

Our goal is to create some of the flavor of regional play in Living Greyhawk or Living Arcanis, offering some special stories and perks only available if you come to join us locally.

All our “regional” adventures are set in or around the city of New Port. We are also building out a detailed region around New Port which will be used heavily in regional materials, along with regional meta-organizations with in-game plot and mechanical benefits.

To sign up for games, go to our Warhorn site:
Tales of 13th Age SE MI Warhorn site

For more details, please visit our Wiki page: Main Page
or contact Pete Cooney.

For more information about the 13th Age game:
Core Rulebook and Game Info
Free SRD Rules for beginners

(New Port, 13th Age and the Tales of the 13th Age are copyrighted by Pelgrane Press Ltd. All game content referred to from Pelgrane Press is used in conjunction with their copyrighted material and is subject to all rights reserved to them. Many thanks to Pelgrane Press for allowing us to game with their excellent system and in their game world!)