Why There is a New Port Region

If you read the (very basic) rules of play for the Tales of the 13th Age, there isn’t really a lot of structure to the campaign. This fits the “do it your own way” ethos that Rob Heinsoo and Jonathan Tweet have brought to this game.

That’s all well and good, but there are some things that mark very successful organized play campaigns:

  • Certed items—“tanglble” rewards with effects on either the campaign story, game mechanics or both.
  • Impact on the campaign—the ability for players to shape the direction of an overall story arc by their choices
  • Something to travel for—If one region’s convention had something that others didn’t, then it would be worth the while of people elsewhere to spend their dollars to travel to those conventions and play those scenarios.
  • All of this is aimed at building a sense of Community and Ownership in a local region.

Frankly, we are trying to bring an element of that back to organized play through our little region of New Port for the Tales of the 13th Age. Our experience will take nothing away from the game as played everywhere else, but it will hopefully allow us to build a loyal community of players and GMs around us and perhaps encourage others to try this in their own areas.

Why There is a New Port Region

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