Regional Play and Certs

Certs (short for certificates) are pre-printed bits of paper that come with a scenario that prove that a player has acquired an item or played in a scenario.

The Tales of the 13th Age campaign does not have certs on its own. However, the New Port region will use certs for several reasons:

  • They make it easier to keep track of magic items acquired in a scenario.
  • They allow the regional stories to impart special story items or story benefits to players.
  • They provide perks for those who go out of their way and spend their hard-earned coin to support conventions and game store game days.

Core scenarios allow the GM to reward players magic items. The GM can either secure certs for magic items from the Regional Coordinator or make their own. As long as they contain magic items referenced in the published scenario, they will be recognized at any New Port regional scenario. Players can certainly also keep their own records of such, but it’s fun to break out the certs for your magic items and show them to folks.

More importantly, certs for completing Core scenarios will be asked for when checking to see if a player character qualifies for a higher level module. This is really more a help for the GM than anything else, to see what kind of history the player has, as well as a way of bragging about how long you’ve played this character.

Regional Play and Certs

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