How To Play

First, I’m gong to assume you know what a Tabletop Roleplaying Game is and that you’re interested in playing the 13th Age RPG. That’s fantastic!

What this campaign is set up to do is to make it easy to play 13th Age on a scheduled basis in an adult setting. Anyone ages 16 and up is welcome to join us.

To play, go tou our Warhorn site and sign up fo any game you like.

If you would like to get more out of the story, please join this regional campaign website. First, sign up for Obsidian Portal. Once you’ve done that,
email the regional coordinator and he will add you to this campaign.

Once you’re in the campaign, feel free to create a character in our Character Section. It’s more fun for everyone if you share about your character.

Upcoming games will be listed in the Calendar in our site. If you would like a game to be run near you, please email the campaign coordinator

Every adventure will have a character level listed—you will want to have a character who as attained the level mentioned in the story or use a pre-generated character for that story. For more information, see the Character Creation and Advancement Rules

How To Play

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