How To GM

Firstly, GMing for the Tales of the 13th Age requires NO experience. In fact, people who want to try their hands at running games are strongly encouraged to try their hands running these scenarios to cut their teeth, as the player-base contains a good number of experienced GMs who can help a new GM along.

There are two kinds of scenarios that you can run for the Tales of the 13th Age in Southeastern Michigan: “Core” scenarios and “Regional” scenarios.

To GM a “Core” scenario, you can do one of two things:
1. Email the Regional Coordinator and he will help you pick a scenario to run. This is the easier way—the regional coordinator has all published Tales of the 13th Age scenarios and will have an idea of what scenarios you have played already, so they can help you run a story that you have played for those who haven’t.
2. If you don’t want to coordinate with the New Port Regional Coordinator, you can get the Tales of the 13th Age scenarios directly from Pelgrane Press. This is less fun than coordinating with others locally, but if you just want to run something for your home group or just read the scenarios, this is a good way to go.

To GM a New Port regional scenario, you will need to contact the New Port Regional Coordinator. He will help you figure out which scenario you want to run and get you the respective document.

For the first three months after their release, regional stories will be held in a “limited release” to GMs who have played in a slot 0 or have played the scenario. For more information, read about our Regional Scenarios.

How To GM

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