Character Creation and Advancement Rules

Basic Rule: Anyone Can Play

If you want to play Tales of the 13th Age, you can come and game. No questions ask. The basic guidelines:

  1. You have to play a character of the same level as the module. For a 3rd level scenario, you have to play a 3rd level character, period.
  2. You can always play a pre-gen or a new character that you created of the appropriate level.

Now, in regional play, it’s much more fun to play a set of characters that you “grew up” from beginning level. We encourage players to begin a character at the lowest possible level (level 2) and advance them through playing scenarios. Here are the rules, should you choose to follow them for your own enjoyment:

  1. Start by building a 2nd level character or using a 2nd level pregen.
  2. You may use any published rule from the 13th Age rules, including the 13th Age SRD and the official sourcebook 13 True Ways. .Multi-class characters are allowed, though you will have to explain how your multi-class build works to the GM.
  3. Register your character here at the website with at minimum their level, race and class.
  4. At the end of scenarios, you will have the option to level your character. Your GM will give you a cert that indicates your character has advanced to the next level.
  5. The same character also can’t re-play a scenario. The same player may re-play with a different character.
  6. Once your character advances a level, they can not go back to play lower-level scenarios.
  7. Your character can keep and use any certs given in play by the GMs during play as long as you are playing the same character with the same name. Other characters or pre-gens can’t use the certs your named character can.
  8. If your character dies permanently, all your certs die with them. You can write up a moving eulogy for them on this site, though! :-)

The section on certs will talk about how certs are meant to enrich the organized play experience.

Character Creation and Advancement Rules

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